Great Service Before and After the Sale

Everyone we dealt with was polite and very service oriented. I cannot say enough about the install crew. I have a home office and hardly new they were here (when they did have to interrupt or ask a question they basically apologized for the interruption). And I do believe the workspace they used (my garage) was cleaner when they left then when they arrived!

Sue Keister 08/03/2017

Great Company

We installed 30 panels on our roof 2 years ago. We couldn’t be happier. Installation was thoroughly handled by Chris Watrous. With long warranties on panels, inverter, and EVEN their workmanship (unheard of) we are thrilled. Have made more Kw’s than expected and banked hours for the future. Paid no electric in the first 3 months of this year while accumulating more hours for next. I researched five companies. Several had competitive deals, but the personal interest Chris and the company took in our array has confirmed that we made the correct decision.

Nanndero 30/04/2016

Great Experience

Great company to work with. They could not have made the process more simple and easy. The installers were great and I could tell they very much enjoyed there line of work. I would highly recommend Freedom Solar.

Elec 12/06/2016

Couldn’t Have Picked a Better Company

I researched for a year before I chose, and the first company I chose (a national one) dropped my project with no warning after my contract was signed! I decided to pick a local company and try again. The personal attention they gave to my residential project was very much appreciated. they were reachable by phone (thank you Linda!) every time I called. The installation went smoothly, on time, and as promised. They are contractors who keep their word and that is rare in this day, believe me. Everything done on time, solar producing like they said it would. We financed our whole project with their help. Couldn’t be happier. Go with Freedom! We are the first in our neighborhood that I can see who have solar. I hope more people nearby decide to go solar too.

Orchard Man 31/07/2016

A Job Well Done

I interviewed several companies before I chose Freedom Solar. Although some of the other quotes were less, none could match the quality of the materials Freedom use for the panels which, after all, is the most important part of the project. I am rather particular about the esthetics of the finished project as well and Freedom did not disappoint. There were no exposed conduits, all turns and and connections were well done and best of all the projected output matches the actual. The support staff were always available for questions and they made the whole process quite simple, plus my system was on line ahead of schedule. I would not hesitate to recommend Freedom Solar for your residential project.

Sage 31/03/2016

Solar Panels

I came across this company via friends who live in Amherst as well, and let me tell you it was the most reliable and rewarding experience. The contractor, Chris was very thorough, and went through all of my options regarding leasing, financing, the tax incentives, etc. The estimate only took about 20 minutes to get a good idea of how much coverage I would receive and he said if it wouldn’t be an investment to you it wouldn’t be worth it to go ahead with it. So they have sincere workers as well as reliable and hard working. Anybody should appreciate their service because these qualities are hard to find in the 716. I digress, we are paying almost nothing now for electric since we had the panels installed within a few days of signing the contract. (My husband and I didn’t want a ground mount in year near the pool). I wouldn’t go anywhere else for an estimate or an installment. These guys are great!

M.Wade 24/11/2015


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