Take Control of Your Energy

Electricity bills are the second highest monthly expense for most homes and businesses in western New York. And utility costs keep going up.

Solar can save you money now and protect you from volatile energy prices of the future. Join the homes and businesses in Western New York who have already gone solar and started saving on their electric bills.


You Don't Need Big Promises and You Need Results.

Freedom Solar provides homeowners with simple and affordable clean energy. We believe that going solar should be a headache and hassle-free process. That’s why we supply the solar panels and take care of all the installation and maintenance.

Freedom Solar was founded in 2012, but our owners have been serving homes and business from Buffalo to Rochester and all points in between through contracting business since 1971. During that time, we have installed more than 500+ solar power systems. We are a family owned business which is dedicated to its customers, not like other big solar companies who has lots of experience in Calfornia or Arizona but little connection to western New York.We know solar and we know the needs of people in western New York.That’s why we only make a promise we can keep. For example, we install your solar panels in days, not months and to provide it, we back up all our promises with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

You Don't Need A Small Army of sub-contractors. You Need Accountability.

Freedom Solar complete all of the important work by ourselves, in-house, allowing us to ensure the highest quality and efficiency at each stage of our work for a client, We take pride in our whole project approach, taking a solar system from initial design all the way through to the installation and interconnection with the utility company we do it all no sub-contractors.

We have our own installers and we do not hire subcontractors. We also execute all of the paperwork involved with the NYSERDA PON 2112 solar incentive program, which provides cash incentives to homeowners and businesses to assist with installation costs. So when you call us, we have all the answers for you. Don’t take our word for it, see what our happy home solar customers are saying in review section!