Why Go Solar at Home?

  • Save Money

    For most homeowners in western NY, electricity is the second largest monthly expense, after their mortgage. Getting solar can cut your bill for electricity by 90% or eliminate it altogether and with solar, you’ll get predictable energy costs, from a cleaner, renewable source.

  • Save the Earth

    Solar creates clean, safe electricity from the sun, producing 91% less carbon dioxide. Save the world for future generations.

  • Take Control

    Electricity rates in New York have continued to rise. The typical National Grid residential customer using 600 kilowatt-hours of electricity a month would see the delivery charge rise by 21.8 percent. The bill would rise by $11.23 a month. Natural gas customers using 77 therms a month would see the delivery charge rise by 24.8 percent, or $10.38, a month. So Be prepared by producing your own solar electricity at home now.

Why Go with Freedom Solar?

Looking For Local Solar Panel Installation Company? You Landed At Right Place. Some companies just install solar panels. So they’ll want to put up as many panels as it takes to cover your energy usage today. But Freedom Solar is certified in energy efficiency, so we can find practical, affordable ways to cut your energy usage so you can get by with a smaller solar system. That will save you money on your solar installation. That's What Make Us Best Solar Energy Contractor In Western NY


We’ve powered hundreds of homes over the years some of which are your neighbors. Freedom Solar is trusted by more homeowners than any solar company in western New York. We are rated 5 stars by our customers. We are also awarded numerous time by the chamber of commerce.

Hometown Advantage

Our owners have been helping families live more comfortably while using less energy for half a century. We’re your neighbors too, so we take hometown pride in our work. And we’re not going anywhere, so you can count on us for warranty service and help when you need it.


Unlike big national companies, we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solar package. Instead, we evaluate your home and then recommend the right combination of equipment for your home solar system, whether it’s on your roof or ground-mounted in your backyard.

Financing And Advantages

It’s easier today than ever before to go solar at home with no money down with our low-interest solar loans. And since we’re New York natives, we can help make sure you get the maximum payout from all the incentive programs available on the state level and in your area.

Get Best Technology For Your Home

We offer equipment that offers the best value by balancing price and quality, depending on the special needs of our customers.

We carry the latest and greatest technology from top brands in solar power, batteries, and energy equipment, including Sun Power, Solar world, Canadian Solar, LG, Tesla, and Sonnen.

Freedom Solar Reviews

Rated 5 Stars By Our Customers