How can you save money on propane and oil heating? The answer may not be to find a cheaper delivery service. It may be to Switch from oil and propane to solar heating.

If you heat your home in western New York with propane or oil, every winter you’re facing uncertain costs. If oil and propane prices are low next year, heating costs might not be so bad. But if a cold snap hits or global crude oil markets hiccup, you could wind up paying much more than you’d expect to heat your home next winter.

Cheapest Time to Buy Propane or Oil?

To protect your budget, if you heat with propane, every year you have to answer a lot of questions, such as:

  • When is the cheapest time to buy propane?
  • Did I remember to check propane prices this week?
  • What’s the cheapest propane delivery service?
  • How can I save on my propane heating bill?

If you heat with oil, it’s the same.

For years, you’ve complained about the cost of propane and oil deliveries. You’ve looked for ways to save on heating costs. And every winter, you seem to come up empty handed researching alternatives to propane and oil heating.ions.

Why Choosing Solar vs Propane or Oil Heating

  • If that’s your situation, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t worry — there’s a better way!
  • Freedom Solar has helped homeowners across western New York convert from oil and propane boilers to modern heat pumps powered by solar panels.
  • You might be surprised to learn how affordable it can be to convert your propane or oil heat to a high efficiency air-sourced heat pump. If your propane or oil boiler is up for replacement soon, that’s the natural time to consider a modern heating system.
  • And if you run your new powerful electric heat pump off of solar energy you create at home, you can start saving money on heating right away.

Get Energy Efficient First and then Go Solar for Less

  • Leaky house? No problem. Making your home more energy efficient doesn’t have to break the bank — if you go with the right solar company, that is.
  • Of course, some companies just sell you solar panels, without helping you cut your energy use first. In that case, you may wind up buying more solar than you really need.
  • Freedom Solar is different. With our Building Performance Approach, we can help you pinpoint the efficiency upgrades that will give you the most benefit for the least cost.
  • And with zero down financing, we make it easy to make your house energy efficient and then switch from propane or oil to a solar-powered heat pump.
  • Would you like to know more? Then just request a free quote on what it would take to switch from propane or oil heating to a heat pump powered by solar. There’s no obligation and it’s the easiest way to find out if solar electric heat will work for you and if so, how much you can save by replacing propane and oil heating with solar.