Did You Know?

Did you know that if you install solar panels on a home or commercial building that wastes energy that you might be wasting your money on solar?

That’s the problem with some solar companies, especially the big national installers. They just install solar panels. So, they’ll see how much energy your building uses now. They’ll estimate how much you’ll need in the future. And then they’ll put up enough solar panels to cover that.

But they’re skipping a step — the step where you try to reduce the amount of power that a building uses by making it more efficient before you install solar.

As a result, these companies may be selling people more solar panels than they need.

We think that’s wrong. And that’s why Freedom Solar takes a different approach.

Shed Load First, then Get Solar

  • We’re a full service mechanical contractor for both homes and commercial buildings. We’re also a Home Performance Analyst accredited by the Building Performance Institute.
  • Since 1970, our owners have been helping buildings cut their energy use with more efficient lighting along with modern heating and air conditioning systems.
  • It’s called “load shedding” and it’s the best way to get the most out of your investment in solar. That’s because it’s usually cheaper to reduce your energy usage through affordable efficiency upgrades than it is to get enough solar panels to power a leaky building with outdated lighting and HVAC.
  • To help you shed load, we do a full analysis of your energy use and your electrical equipment and appliances. Then, we come up with a plan to implement the energy efficiency upgrades that will give you the most energy savings at the least cost.

Only the Solar You Need and No More

  • With such upgrades, the typical home or commercial building in western New York can cut their energy usage by 20% or more. And that can translate into big savings when it comes time to design the size of a solar energy system.
  • But you only get the savings if you look for chances to make your building more efficient before you go solar. And that’s the advantage for you of the Building Performance Approach from Freedom Solar.
  • We don’t just sell you solar panels. We provide energy savings to help you save money by getting just the right amount of solar for your efficient home or commercial building — without having to pay for extra panels that you don’t need.
  • Some companies just sell solar panels. But we help you get smarter about energy. And that can save you big money on solar. We’ve installed more than 500+ solar power systems in WNY.

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Here at Freedom Solar, we are fortunate to always be hard at work, helping people just like you take their first step toward energy independence.

Through this partnership, Western New Yorkers are saving money while helping to improve our environment for all of us—and generations to come.



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