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Cash Solar purchase

Buy solar panels outright and see immediate monthly savings on your power bill
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  • No monthly payment to Freedom Solar
  • Product & power output warranty**
  • System monitoring included
  • Upfront cost, keep tax credits & incentives

Solar Loan Purchase

Pay for your panels over time with no $ upfront plus affordable monthly payment options
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  • Low monthly payment to financing partner
  • System monitoring included
  • Product & power output warranty**
  • Little to no upfront cost, keep tax credits & incentives

NY State Solar Incentives

New York state offers some of the most generous incentives in the United States.

As soon as solar is installed, you’ll begin to see a return on your investment thanks to generous incentives in New York state along with some help on the federal level. It's easier than ever for both homeowners and businesses to go solar with no upfront investment.

NY-SUN Incentive:

A rebate based on the size of the system, typically accounting for 10-20% of the installed system cost.

Affordable Solar Incentive:

Allows a household below a certain income level to double the NY-SUN incentive.

Net Energy Metering:

All solar systems connected to the electrical grid may sell extra power back to their utility as credits for later use.

New York State Tax Credit:

For residential systems only, you may be eligible for a 25% tax credit up to a maximum of $5,000.

Sales Tax Exemption:

In parts of the state that have not opted out of this program, solar equipment can be purchased without paying any sales tax.

Accelerated Depreciation:

Commercial properties can deduct 85% of the value of the cost of a solar energy system from their taxes over a five-year period.

Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC):

Originally slated to expire in 2016, the 30% federal tax credit for both residential and commercial solar has been extended until 2019. That will scale down to 26% in 2020 and 22% in 2021. After that, homes will no longer be eligible for a federal tax credit at any level. Luckily for them, businesses will still qualify for a tax credit at 10% from 2022 onwards.

Megawatt Block Solar Incentive

The Megawatt Block Incentive Structure (Megawatt Block) is one of New York’s most important solar incentives. The program provides strong subsidies for both commercial and residential rooftop solar energy systems. The Megawatt Block Incentive provides generous up-front discounts for solar energy systems, delivered in a ‘dollar-per-watt’ ($/W) format.

We can help you navigate all of these programs to determine your eligibility and what the incentive amounts would be. Contact Us To Know More.